The Library

VIDEO: Entertaining but serious video briefing on the problems with streetcars, "The Thighmaster of Urban Public Policy."

View in YouTube, 5 min. — Click here.

Major Streetcar System Studies

"The Purpose, Function and Performance of Streetcar Transit in the Modern U.S. City,"

by the Maneta Transportation Institute, February 2015. Click here to download.

Fort Lauderdale-specific study: "The Wave: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone," by Randal O'Toole. A REAL EYE-OPENER!  Click here.

VIDEO: Rails pose a significant danger to bicyclists. See actual crashes.

View in YouTube, 3 min (starts 2:15

into video). Click here.


"The Wave: A Streetcar Named Disaster,"

Inside Fort Lauderdale, May 13, 2017. Click here.

Major Articles

"Toronto's Advice: Give Streetcars Their Own Lanes," New York Times, 9/7/16 – Click here.

"Wave Streetcar is a Bad Idea," Broward/Palm Beach New Times, 3/11/16 – Click here.

"Revived Streetcars May Be On Track For Disappointment," NPR, 2/23/16 – Click here.

VIDEO:  Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board is highly critical of The Wave." (3:25)  Click here