In addition to ripping out all of the oak trees in the South Andrews median, The Wave people plan to put 78 tall poles in the sidewalks.

Scroll down ... This map at left goes from Pie-zan’s Pizza, just north of the Tarpon River, to SW 18th Street. In that stretch of South Andrews, there would be 39 sets of poles — one pole on each side of the street — every 90 feet or so. Wires would be strung between the poles, as indicated by the red lines in the map graphic.

You can download a large version of this graphic. It's a PDF you can use to rotate the image and examine some of the detail in the plans.

You can also just scroll down this page to get an overview!


Decorative streetcar poles in Washington, D.C. There's no indication that The Wave's poles will be "decorative" on South Andrews.

Overview Map