Wave Streetcar briefing starts quietly, then

— BOOM! — a barrage of dissent and disdain!


Jenni Morejon, Downtown Development Authority Executive Director, with the previous holder of that job, Chris Wren. Happy together — BEFORE the show.

Some people walked out early in disgust, figuring they were just being humored, the streetcar is a done deal, and their opinions don't matter.

Mary Fertig hands the mike back to Morejon after declaring that we should fix the pipes and infrastructure UNDER the streets before we go putting an electric railway ON TOP of the streets!

Before the presentation, a movie was playing in the theater's courtyard. Appropriately, it was "Planes, Trains & Automobiles." The movie stars Steve Martin, who appears disturbed by what he's hearing from Courtney Crush, right. Peg Buchan, Assistant Director of Port Everglades, sports a brand-new, made for the occasion, yellow FLAW t-shirt ... FLAW is for "Fort Lauderdale is Against the Wave."

The moment the meeting was thrown open to questions, the complaints, anger and anxieties of the crowd came pouring inl.

Stan Eichelbaum, president of the Downtown Civic Association, opens the meeting.

City Manager Lee Feldman, left, has a tete-a-tete with Dan Lindblade, President & CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, as Lindblade departs. Minutes later, Lindblade will report on his Facebook page that there were only 60 people in the theater (he was only off by more than 100!!). Lindblade also posted a picture taken from the nosebleed section so you couldn't see most of the crowd. To do that you'll have to look at OUR picture above.  

City Manager

Lee Feldman

Petitions are signed as the crowd jams the theater lobby before the meeting

Photos by

Cal Deal